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Fire Sprinkler Systems in the Greater Atlanta Area

If a fire ignites and there’s no one around to put it out, you need an effective fire sprinkler system on your side to stop the blaze from spreading! A sprinkler system is an important safety measure that stores water under a certain pressure within its pipelines. When sensors inside the sprinkler heads are triggered by the presence of heat from a blazing fire, the water is immediately released through the sprinkler heads and drenches the impacted area—helping to battle the flames! From apartment complexes to schools, and restaurants to office buildings, a working fire sprinkler system helps to reduce damage and save lives!

If your fire sprinkler system needs inspecting, repair, or maintenance, give the experts at Fire Protection Services a call. Our skilled technicians will bring your sprinklers back to code so they will protect your home or business in the event of a fire!

Fire Sprinkler Inspections

Routine inspections provide peace of mind knowing that your sprinkler system is ready at the first sign of danger. Fire Protection Services inspects all types of automatic fire sprinkler systems throughout the greater Atlanta area. Our trained technicians will carefully inspect your sprinklers to ensure your fire suppression system will operate effectively in the event of an emergency. Fire Protection Services has experience inspecting:

  • Wet pipe systems
  • Dry pipe systems
  • Deluge systems
  • Pre-action systems
  • Fire pumps
  • Stand pipes
  • Fire hydrants

Our thorough inspections ensure your fire suppression system meets the most current National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards by:

  • Inspecting control valves’ position, condition, and accessibility
  • Examining sprinkler heads for position, condition, and any obstructions
  • Checking all visible piping, hangers, drain valves, and gauges
  • Conducting water flow tests on systems, fire pumps, standpipes, and hydrants
  • And more!

Call Fire Protection Services today to get your fire sprinkler system up to code!

Fire Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

A properly functioning fire sprinkler system is one of the most important components of your building’s fire protection system. If your sprinkler system’s routine inspection turns up a problem, Fire Protection Services can get your fire sprinkler system back in working order. Whether you’re experiencing a broken sprinkler head and need a replacement, or there is an interruption in water flow, our certified technicians will diagnose and solve your problem as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of a working fire suppression system and will get the job done right the first time to ensure your building and tenants are safe if a fire breaks out!

Think your fire sprinklers need to be repaired? Contact Fire Protection Services!

Call Fire Protection Services for Fire Sprinkler Services in Atlanta

If you’re looking for a reputable company to inspect, test, repair, and maintain your fire sprinkler systems in residential and commercial establishments, contact Fire Protection Services. Our highly trained technicians have experience with all types of sprinkler systems and are ready to assess your system and provide effective fire sprinkler solutions! Call us today to schedule your fire sprinkler inspection or repair!