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Online Inspection Reports

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The Power of Online Inspection Reports

fire protection services near mePowered by BuildingReports’ digital reporting and unique bar code technology, Fire Protection Services, LLC can provide accurate and comprehensive inspections that are fully documented in compliance with regulatory standards. Third Party Verification ensures verifiable, trusted inspection results.

Your inspection report is delivered in real time and stored in a secure online database. Results are instantly retrievable 24/7 from any location for flexible property management. Fire Protection Services, LLC delivers device specific reports with more detail than any other system, including:

  • Executive Summary with inspection overview
  • Colored Inspection Status Tags for immediate one-look indication
  • Discrepancy Report showing manufacturer recalls and industry notifications
  • Proposed Solutions with pricing and repair authorization
  • Inspection & Testing with Date/Time of test verification for accountability
  • Inventory & Warranty report

fire inspections near meFire Protection Services, LLC makes it easy for you to stay in compliance. Just login, review your report, approve repairs, and have an audit trail of your inspections for up to 5 years. No more paper, no more worries. Unmatched accessibility puts your inspection reports at your fingertips to satisfy AHJs, Insurance Providers, and other facility management.